Ronda Elaine Design

About the Designer

ronda elaine moulton is an acclaimed designer with over 18 years of design experience in high end residential and select commercial projects. What began as a little girl re-arranging her room in the middle of the night turned into a life long dream to affect people through their environments in a positive way. Once a dreamer for herself, ronda now dreams and creates for her clients. Each client project renews ronda's creativity as each project is unique in style and scope.

We believe

A well designed interior is one that achieves spatial richness, represents a high-aesthetic quality, and relates well within it's context, providing a timeless affect. An interior of this integrity can enhance personal experiences and improve the quality of people's lives.

our purpose

I am passionate about helping people who know what they want and can appreciate what the design process has to offer to enhance our lives. My goal is to create sacred spaces that encourage well being.

Fun Facts

Ronda Elaine's personal style is "Mission" with rustic touches, and moroccan influences, for an overall eclectic feel that is clean, comfortable and "feels" good. one of ronda's favorite pastimes is spending time with her horse, zahara.